Function and coordination principles of the lighting

Different room could be equipped with different function, we could install different styles of lighting. In the living room, we could Buy Chandelier for its bright and glamorous lighting, at the same time, in the kids room, we had better choose colorful and changeable lighting, we could choose simple and waterproof lighting in the bathroom, at the same time, for the kitchen, the lighting we chosen had been convenient for us to scrub and clean. For the special lighting, we also could choose the spotlight.

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Coordination principle

Lighting could be harmony with the whole style of the room, as for the different kinds of the lighting in the same house, we had better keep the color and style harmony. Such as rectangular balcony and wardrobe, that could be equipped with rectangular wooden lights. Hallway is fixed with iron glass dinning table, that is proper for rectangular iron pendant light. Bedroom is fixed with golden wardrobe and golden spotlight, that is proper for golden color light.

Choice of ceiling lights and pendant lights

Since ceiling light is small with soft light, that is proper to be installed in the hallway, foyer, kitchen, bedroom and so on. Now there are glass, material, wood, metal and other materials, at the same time, there are shade, curtain style and so on.

If you also would like to make a plan to decorate your kitchen and do not know which kind of light matches it well? Here is an article can give you some ideas that using pendant light to decorate kitchen, you can read and take a reference.