Various Ideas about Vintage Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Brief Description

Vintage industrial lighting fixtures refer to those light fixtures that are more than 20 years old. However, any light below that age bar can’t be considered as vintage rather they can be labeled as old items. People always find it fascinating to own lighting fixtures that belong to early decades when only gas bulbs were common. Although for royal families this trend is pretty common because they own a lot of vintage items.

Vintage Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Most of the interior decorators like adding vintage lights in houses because they bring a classy outlook in the room along with modern touch. They take those retro products as an investment because the quality won’t deteriorate and the value of that asset will keep on increasing with the item. If you have a good collection of old items then making vintage lighting fixtures with them won’t be a problem for you. Mason jars, old bottles, vintage bird cages can be used in making lighting fixtures, and they will be very cost effective.

Vintage Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Some Unique Ideas

Vintage industrial lighting fixtures are slightly expensive, and it won’t be possible for everyone to own them. But you can use your vintage items from your grandparent’s house to make classy lighting fixtures. You can use the following ideas:

Using headlights from vintage cars padded with the proper electric wiring.

You can use an old industrial pulley system and attach mirrored shades to create light fixtures.

Old wine bottles can also be used for making a light fixture, but you should use a bright source of light.

You can use Edison lamps integrated with proper base in your study desk.

You can even make good lighting fixtures from old wall adjustable barn light stands.

Old scissor system can be used for making vintage lights although you need to add proper shade to match the style.