Lighting a warm atmosphere: gold curtain selection tips

There are varieties curtain styles, vivid pattern and lots of colors can be chose in the curtain market. You might confuse and have no idea what color, or curtain style you can take back home. Do not worry, we will share you some high quality curtains to help you to find your own curtain. Take gold curtain for example for which has great requirement on the selection process. Curtain selection must base on what are the room type and renovation style.

Everything should can go well with each other so that can have a perfect collocation for an overlook. To be an ice on cake for home decor. How to achieve such perfect collocation for home decor?


First: to know what wall color is

1: If there is white wall painting, light red curtain can use for to have a luxury and magnificence achievement.

2: Ice cream wall painting, better hang on with brown curtain to make a warm and comfort room atmosphere.

3: For kids room with light green wall painting, both green curtain and light yellow curtain are good choice with which to make a lively and cheerful room atmosphere.

gold curtain

Second: to know what usage of the room

1: If the room is prepared for new couple, a wedding room. Bright and festival color curtain has good meaning that best for wedding room occasions.

2: Curtain used for elders’ room. Pure colored curtain or pain colored panels are better for them for which is quiet and peace color hue.

3: Gold curtain used for bedroom and living has different functions so they are not the same when doing gold curtain selection, Bedroom where we taking rest should be quiet as much as it can while living room should be dignified design.