Let You Know the Classification of Modern Curtains

The curtains are the important decoration of our house life. At the same time, the curtains are the necessity in our daily life. When we see the so many kinds of curtains on the market, we better choose the most suitable ctwotop curtains for us. Then use the curtains to create a harmony and beautiful life environment. It is very important. Before we choose the right choice, let us know several kinds of modern curtains and the styles of them.

First, Chinese Modern Curtains
Chinese curtains are elegant and plain. They also use the vermilion, coffee and rosewood colors on the curtains. They also use the silk or organic 100% cotton to make the curtains. The patterns of the curtains are always Chinese classic and traditional patterns. Such as calligraphy and flowers and birds patterns. Chinese style curtains focus on the quality and delicacy. The workmanship is very exquisite just like the Chinese embroidery.

Modern Cotton And Linen Curtains

Second, European Modern Curtains
The color of European modern window curtains choose the noble royal gold, silver and gray colors. The fabric are always the senior velvet and faux silk fabric to make the curtains. Most are also the scroll grass pattern. The whole feeling the curtains show us are noble, luxury and elegant. In addition, many European curtains have tassels on them to gain the beauty of classic.

Third, Country Style
Most country style modern curtains are printed all kinds of floral patterns, then match the plain color fabric. And you can put some valance or bowknots on the curtains. Then you will find your curtains are romantic and full of girl elegant feelings. The curtains will make your room become warm and dreamy. These curtains are very popular now, because they are always in low price and all-matching.

Forth, Neoclassicism Modern Curtains
The color of this kind of curtains are often white, silver and yellow these classic color tone. The burlap and linen fabric is the main material to make the curtains. The patterns most are arc or spirality patterns. Then at last use the modern design method to let the classic element and modern element combine together well.